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Bàp SCHOLARSHIPS 2018-2019

Bande à Part offers 12 scholarships for 2018-2019. These scholarships consist of financial help so that students with financial difficulties may access training or finish their studies.

1) We hereby announce the scholarships open to students of DEGREE In cinematography and M.A. In cinematography.

2) All students registered for the 2018-2019 academic year may apply for the scholarships..
3) 12 scholarships will be awarded.

4) The financial help will consist of 1.000 €.

5) Applications must be handed in or sent by post to the bande à part film school office before september 16. For the application to be accepted the student must
be registered and the school must have their registration form and payment proof.

6) The documents to be handed in by the student are:
- Scholarship application form, filled in and signed
- Student’s tax return or that of the person financially responsible for him or her.

7) For the present year, the household income corresponding to 2017 may not exceed the following scales:

- Single member household…….......……..23.252 €
- 2-member household………….….......…..31.561 €
- 3-member household……….......………...37.482 €
- 4-member household…….......……………41.894 €
- 5-member household…….......……………45.225 €
- 6-member household……….......…………48.520 €
- 7-member and above household.......……51.800 €

To calculate the level of income, shall be taken into account the revenues of the unit of conviviality or, in case of persons who live in an independent way, those of the progenitors, tutors or relatives who satisfy the expenses of the pupil if this one does not accredit economic sufficient capacity. Many thanks

8) Applications will be considered by the school’s direction with regards to the following factors:
- Student’s financial situation.
- Student record.

9) The scholarships will be awarded on November 16, 2018 and they will be announced and communicated to the applicants by e-mail, phone
or post. In a period of maximum 20 days the student will have to sign the awarding form accepting the scholarship. If the signature does
not happen, the scholarship will be awarded to the student in the first place of the waiting list.

10) The scholarship will be paid on the third term of the 2018-2019 course in the following way:

- Students awarded the scholarship who have paid for the course through the option of single payment will receive a transfer     into their account 1.000 € fee during the second fortnight of april 2019.
- Students awarded the scholarship who are paying by monthly instalments will receive 1.000 € fee as a discount on the instalments corresponding to the third term of the 2018-2019 course.

11) Students awarded the scholarship commit to:

- Attend lessons and carry out the practical exercises for each course. more than 10% absences or lack of participation in the practical
   exercises will be considered a breach of the obligations acquired.
- Being up to date with all payments in the case of monthly PAYMENT FORM

12) Total or partial breach of the terms and conditions stated here will incur in a revision of the awarding of the scholarship which could lead
to a suspension of the help awarded, with no right to complaint.

13) If the information provided by the student should present any falsehood or concealment of an essential circumstance for the awarding of
the scholarship, the latter may likewise be suspended.

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