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Bàp's Annual courses
Bande à Part's Annual courses are conceived for students who are looking for a first contact with film studies or who want to specialize in a concrete aspect of film creation.
Annual cinematography course
The annual film course provides students an approach to audiovisual creation in the areas of directing, writing, photography, camera,...
Screenplay Course
Our screenplay course offers you a tour of the theory and practice of writing for film. If you've always wanted to be a writer,...
Annual After-School Workshop of Digital cinema (12 to 18 age)
The Annual After-School Workshop of Digital cinema is aimed to young people between 12 ...

Widen your film vision
If you’ve always wanted to widen your film culture, to develop your own cinematographic thinking or dominating the tools to create films and screenplays, our Intensives courses allow you to train and join in our School’s activities.
Learn in a film environment, surrounded by people from all over the world who share your vocation and your passion for cinema.
The different levels, schedules and periodicity of the classes adapt to the other activities that the student carries out.
Our teachers are specialists in their area and practicing professionals.
We provide assessment and individual monitoring.
Tutorials by department for preparing projects: screenplay, directior, photography, sound, editing… We coordinate practical exercises and shootings.
Take part in short film shootings.
We promote projects through our production company El Dedo en el Ojo.
At the end of the Course we help you to orient your career in the film industry.
All the equipment necessary for the classes and practical exercises is provided by the School: Cameras, professional film set, lighting equipment, dollies, crane, editing and post-production rooms with up-to-date software, sound equipment, sound studio and more.

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Screenplay Course
Annual cinematography course
Annual After-School Workshop of Digital cinema (12 to 18 age)