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TitleFull Stop.
Director: Liliana Merizalde.
Camera: Red One.
Length: 9 minutes.
Synopsis: Punto Aparte is a project born from a metaphor about being far from one’s origins. It is about abandoning a place to reach a different one, about re-building oneself. It takes off from the cliché of foreigners in Barcelona to speak of displacement and dislocation, both geographical and emotional. Displacement becomes a state of mind; it rises as a space to inhabit, as a point of view, as a struggle. To have the past under one’s skin, to carry structures of thought, memories. While undergoing a process of adaptation, the world is testing us: space and time are its tools.
Jun is a Japanese girl whose process of re-building herself has gone too far: she has lost her sense of belonging with her place of origin. With few root and lots of air, she walks around the city blending into the stains on the walls, going unnoticed. She does not observe passively, though; her need to belong has pushed her to create a way of life, an illusion of participation.

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Artistic team

Technical team
Director: Liliana Merizalde.
Script: Liliana Merizalde (with the collaboration of Silvia Salamanca)
Producer: María José García.
Executive producer: Uriel Wisnia.
Manager producer: Pablo Yrazu.
Photography director: Laura Wagensberg
Image Editing: Sergi Serrano, Gonzalo Puig.
Sound Editing: Ariá Ors, Gonzalo Puig, Liliana Merizalde.
Art direction: Silvia Salamanca.

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