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El Dedo en el Ojo & Bande à Part start their second call for motion picture and documentary feature story.

You've always wanted to do movies. We also.

El Dedo en El ojo & Bande A Part start their second call for motion picture and documentary  feature story.


We have the conviction that owing to a lack of founds,  movie productions can't be hind.
We are convinced we own sufficient means to auto produce us and to not depend on a third part to make movies.
We miss ideas but not means, that’s why we invite you all to participate.


This call is directed to all students and ex-students of Bande A Part film school.


The subvention consists in the search for the resources needed for the realization of the project.
The delivered stories will be studied and the development feasibility evaluated.  The incentive will be awarded to a maximum of 3 candidates, conceiving the possibility to leave vacant the call.


1.    Scriptwriter and/or director Curriculum vitae.

2.    Explanatory report suscribed by the author, between 1 and 3 pages.

3.    If you don’t have a finished story you must present a sequence treatment of the story project longer at least 15 pages.

4.    For documentary is required a completed step outline or a treatment not longer than 6 pages.

5.    Plot synopsis ( only one page).

6.    Annex where you can include all kind of information that help to explain the Project: investigation, photography, videos, etc.


a)    Themes and subject matters are free

b)    The project has to be presented in Spanish or Catalan.

c)    The authors of the project can be one or many scriptwriters.

d)    There is not a specific format to apply, we recommend a unique typography (Verdana – Times – Arial) and the size of the character not bigger then 12.

e)    Deadline to present the stories. Coming soon.

f)    We’ll refuse any incomplete application or any application given after deadline.

g)    The applicant can present as many projects as he want.

h)    The name of the applicant, the title of the project, a telephone number and an email contact must appear on the front page of the project.

i)      Projects must be sent by mail to the following address:


Production Company El Dedo en el Ojo and Bande A Part film school have 3 months to solve the aid, starting from the day after of application deadline.


Royalties of the original stories participating to the competition are owned 100% by the authors.
El Dedo en el Ojo y Bande à Part Film School are not responsible for any action committed by a third party whom attended to those royalties.

All applicants who present projects have to sign a declaration paper of the author that will be given at the reception.

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Deadline call
Coming soon.
Be students or alumni of Bande à Part film school or have completed enrollment for the academic year 2012/2013.

matriculate  first call for motion picture and documentary feature story


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