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You’ve always wanted to make movies. Just like us.

Bande à Part is a Film School founded by practising professionals from all areas of film making, with a teaching experience of over 18 years. Led by Luis Aller and María José García, several generations of young film makers from all around the world have come to us to learn the tricks of the trade, and our doors are open to you.

Teachers at Bande à Part have direct contact with the professional world and know very well what you need to train in the different film disciplines and to get a job in the field.

Our students are present in Film and TV productions as Directors, Camera Operators, Screenwriters, Directors of Photography, Production Managers, Editors, Sound technicians, Machine Operators, Art Directors, Props Masters, Assistant Directors and Lighting Technicians among others.

Our teaching proposal is the result of the many hours dedicated to our students and our profession, hands on, during years of shootings and classes.

At Bande à Part we orient your training as film maker and we enhance your talent through the study of the art of cinema, through learning the techniques, through hands on practice with the tools and through shooting experience.

Bande à Part A School that teaches Film Thinking.
In order to make films, inspiration is not enough. Not even talent. It is necessary to learn to use it. What are films made of? How did the great film-makers make them? Get to know the works of art that created the art of cinema. The ones that changed it… and apply it to your films!

Bande à Part The School of Film Technique
In Films there is no art without technique. Direction, Photography, Camera, Editing, Screenplay, Sound and Art Direction among others. Which one is your vocation? Learn work methodologies and specialize in the area that interests you most… to become a film professional!

Bande à Part The School of Film Technology.

Cinema is an invention. It has always fed on technology. Film cameras, HD cameras, Steadycam, Camera cranes, Dollies, Spotlights, Editing machines, Computers, Editing programs, DATS, Wireless microphones, Chroma keys, Digital animation equipment and software, Special Effects… Latest generation professional equipment in perfect conditions. Learn to use them!

Bande à Part The School of Film Practice .
You learn to film by filming. Here you will get multi-disciplinary filming practice. Focused exercises, shot, illuminated, edited and with the sound provided by the students. You will attend  professional shootings and get shooting from the start!

Our Scheme of Work offers you in-depth training that stimulates your creativity and prepares you to work in the industry. We pursue an all-around training for you as a film-maker, by joining quality teaching with personalised care.

Bande à Part is a place of study and multidisciplinary debate about cinema and culture. It is a crossroads for both students and teachers from all over the world alike who are united by their passion for film creation. If you are a citizen of the world of film we provide you with a multicultural atmosphere in which to train and prepare for your professional career.

At Bande à Part you will get to know all the different ways to make movies, we will teach you all the rules and then encourage you to break them so that you can express your own search. In contrast with an ever-growing homogeneous, stagnant cinema, our objective is your creative freedom.

Bande à Part promotes new film-makers, in that through our production company El Dedo en el Ojo you will have the opportunity of producing your own movies. The entire infrastructure of a professional production company will be available for your projects.

Throughout your studies, apart from your practical exercises and academic projects, you will be able to shoot FREE PROJECTS, using the cameras, electric material, editing and post-production rooms and infrastructure in the School. We arrange all the paperwork, be it administrative (shooting permits, film qualification, contact with suppliers) or artistic (contact with actors, actresses, make-up artists, specialists) for your project.

Our headquarters at Calle París, 143 are open every working day from Monday to Thursday from 09.00 a.m to 3.00 p.m and from 4.30 p.m to 8.00 p.m and Friday from 09.00 a.m to 3.00 p.m and from 4.30 p.m to 7.30 p.m and you can use every space to prepare projects, use the Internet, organize castings, perform screen tests, practise with the equipment, hold rehearsals and other film-related activities.

Our facilities, which are brand new, are equipped with the latest technology and provide you with the opportunity to develop every piece of training in your course in our unique, comfortable and practical premises.

Our human and technical team has one main concern to provide you with personalised attention, an efficient response to your needs and friendly help in every activity at the school, advising you every time you need it.

At Bande à Part we put our vast experience in the workings and orientation of a Film School at your service, thanks to our many years of teaching film artists and technicians, designing schemes of work and academic coordination at different Film Studies Centres.
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