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Bande á Part is the only private school in Barcelona with its own RED EPIC ™ and RED ONE ™ camera.

Bande a Part has committed to acquiring two digital cinema cameras that can record up to 5k and 4.5k. The RED EPIC ™  and RED ONE™.  Pioner brand in the field of shooting in RAW.


RED EPIC ™ is the next generation of RED brand. Part of the same values ‹as the RED ONE ™ but improved. It has a 5K sensor capable of capturing 1 to 120fps at full resolution can reach 300fps down to 2k resolution.

RED EPIC ™ is a camera with a SLR size and with the weith of his body (2.3kg) lets you use it in unlikely places and with the most modern devices such as MOVI, OPTOCOPTER… It also allows you to record in 3D in a simple and lighter way than other cameras on the market, especially if they are placed on a Steadycam.

In difficult lighting conditions can be used recording in HDRx expanding the dynamic range of the camera.

RED has created a modular camara where, depending on the project to make, can be fitted with various accessories or remove them to easily adapt to each production. We include +1 Adapter Module accessory with which we can work with the EPIC camera by connecting both the viewfinder and LCD TOUCH RED simultaneously. RED has set their cameras to exchange RED ONE accessories to the EPIC and thus to a better modeling of  the cameras depending on each shooting requests.

Thanks to the SSD cards with they have designed the camera have a media solution very solid and secure. Very fast cards capable of reaching up to 180MB / s.

Through REDCINE-X PRO software there are a lot of integrated tools for import and export images in few minutes. Download media files and process the footage with the same concept as RED ONE, the RAW clip is accompanied by metadata values assigned to the desired look. A program that can be found on the official website of RED with free download.

PL mount and the combination of Zeiss lenses Standers 2.1, a combination preferred by many cinematographers to get an analog film look.

RED ONE ™(*)

The RED ONE ™ camera redefined from its arrival the digital cinema, the democratization of the 4k and the chance to record in RAW. Using a S35mm sensor and PL mount which are similar to the depths of field from the analog film. We can choose from 2k to 4.5k resolution. And it’s allowed to capture  from 1 to 120fps. The firmware updates keeps the RED ONE ™ versatile and thrive. RED ONE ™ has matured till turn into a stable camera.

RED ONE ™ has the ability to import and export different looks, to have a preview of the recorded material. Aided by the REDCINE-X PRO program, free downloaded from RED page and imported to the camera from a SD card. This look applied doesn’t affect the REDCODE RAW recorded material. Unlike the common RGB HD files, REDCODE RAW gives the freedom to define the degree of color without compromising image quality. Uncompresor metadata REDCODE allows you to manipulate the image without damaging the original file.

It is a robust and secure camera with which we can face our firsts shootings.

We work for both cameras with professional camera equipment. Tall and shortRonford –Baker Heavy Tripods. Flatbed  O'connor 2575C as the camera head.

Follow focus case and Arri Matte Box and the filters required for each production. For handheld camera we have the Clamp-on and Easy-ring. In short, we have everything you need to make a professional shooting.

The school also has 16mm cameras and offers students 35mm cameras.

Our family of digital cameras, a part from the RED EPIC ™ and RED ONE ™, is composed of Panasonic PS AG-HVX17, SONY XDCAM EX PMW · EX ranging from Ultra High Definition up to HD.

All our digital cameras are brand new and come with the best accessories to get the most performance. Hard drives, memory cards, wide-angle lens, tripod, rolling spiders...

As a complement to recording cameras we also have a STEADY CAM x10 with a HD400 arm, stabilizer and quick-change adapter.

For still photography, the school has AE1 Canon cameras and Canon 50 D.

To complete the equipment, our storehouse has Sekonic exposuremeter, Sekonic colormeter and Fuji viewing filter.

All this material is completed with different auxiliary material, RCA, BNC, RCA H cables, slates, filters, colorchecker, resolution cards, air guns, dulling sprays, liquid lens cleaner, etc

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