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The sound studio was inaugurated on October 15 2010 by Mark Berger, winner of 4 Academy Awards for Best Sound Mixing for Apocalypse Now, The Right Stuff, Amadeus and The English Patient.
The sound studio has been built from scratch after performing an initial acoustic engineering study for the soundproofing and another one afterwards in order to provide the studio with a 5.1 listening reference.
There is a main room for recording, mixing and listening and a studio for dubbing, foleys and music recording.

The Studio is equipped with:
* Pro Tools HD 2 System, version 8, TDM HD2
* Digidesign C/24 Console, mounted on Argosy studio table.
* Dynaudio Air 6, 5.1 monitoring system, with 12" subwoofer
* Video supervising monitor, a 52"  one in the main room and another 32" one in the recording studio for dubbing monitoring.

The studio has served for several professional jobs such as the sound editing by director Santiago Zannou for the feature film El alma de la roja, commissioned by the Spanish Football Federation for the celebration of the 100th Anniversary of the Spanish National Football Team.
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