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Our professional film set has a surface area of 150 square metres and a height of 5 metres.

In electrical terms there is a power supply of 380 volts with a total output of 40.000 kw and single phase 32A connections as well as 16A. There are two electrical distribution boxes at each end of the set with 4 schuco outputs, totalling 16A and one 32A. In the top grid there are three power lines, each with two single-phase 32A outputs. In total each power line can be connected 40A.

Apart from the panots for building sets, there is a bluescreen which is over 100 metres.

This open, multi-functional space can be transformed into a projecting room holding up to 150 seats. For this configuration the film set has a wide screen, a high luminosity multimedia projector and a 5.1 audio system.

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