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At Bande à Part we have all the necessary facilities to develop educational and film activities. Our spaces are brand new, spacious and comfortable, easily accessible by all means of transport. The school is located on number 143 of Calle París, in the heart of the Barcelona area of Ensanche.

The 850 square metres premises has been entirely refurbished in order to adapt the spaces to the needs of our training cycles.
Our school has state of the art technology and brand new equipment which is constantly updated. In this way, the big amount of productions and shootings, with the frequent use of these equipment and materials does not ever affect their number, quality, perfect condition and availability.
We have installed new electrical systems, voice and data network, fire safety, and air conditioning. All our facilities are certified and comply with the different regulations. In addition, the school has a cutting-edge optical fibre network and full Wi-Fi coverage.

Film library
FILM LIBRARY with more than 10.000 titles. One of the best video libraries in the world at your disposal, so that you can watch the...
Digital editing rooms
The school has 4 professional editing rooms for High definition projects, with the capacity to export at 4K, a system of centralised...
Griffith editing and sound room
The editing and sound room is equipped with 16 work places that allow the students to engage with all the software programs that are...
Chaplin/Murnau/Dreyer rooms
All these are equipped with a wide screen for digital reproduction and audio and video connection to the central editing rack matrix....
Vidor/Berger professional sound studio
The sound studio was inaugurated on October 15 2010 by Mark Berger, winner of 4 Academy ......
Monument Valley Film Set
Our professional film set has a surface area of 150 square metres and a height of 5 metres. In electrical terms there is a power...
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