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Why us?

1. INTENSIVE TRAINING in all areas of film making at the hands of specialists in each discipline (Direction, Script-writing, Photography, Camera, Editing, Sound, Production, Art Direction).

2. PERSONALISED MONITORING of your learning through correction of your exercises, assessments and individualised tutorials with your teachers

3. DAILY LESSONS with optional day and evening schedules, including the possibility of adapting to the student’s timetable. We also offer courses that conform to your level of studies and your preferred discipline.

4. MULTI-DISCIPLINARY TEAMS so that you can apply your learning and put into practice professional work methodologies

5. HANDS ON PRACTICE WITH PROFESSIONAL TOOLS so that you can learn with the same materials that you will be using during your career.

6. VIDEO LIBRARY with more than 10,000 titles. One of the best video libraries in the world at your disposal, so that you can watch the films that interest you.

7. EXTRA ACTIVITIES: Cinema forums, Conferences, Debates, Series of conferences about specific films and directors among others. Continuous presence in the School of international audiovisual creators

8. WE PROMOTE YOUR PROJECTS: our PROJECT DEVELOPMENT AND PRODUCTION Department has specialised staff available to you for preparing Dossiers, Shooting Schedules, Budgets, Story-Boards… We apply for National and European Grants for short and feature films, experimental projects and script development.

9. VIDEOBOOK AND SHOW REELS of the Direction, Photography, Editing and Sound students for the projects filmed during your studies. This is a fundamental tool for your job search in the filming industry, constituting the real curriculum of every audiovisual artist.

10. OUTREACH IN NATIONAL AND INTERNATIONAL FESTIVALS of the students’ films. From our department of FESTIVALS AND OUTREACH we will design a strategy for your short films to be watched and appreciated. And, above all, so that you can continue to make films.

11. ACCESS TO PROFESSIONAL PRODUCTIONS. Thanks to the contacts of the school teachers with the production companies that are shooting films, TV series and advertising in Barcelona, our students have the chance/possibility to work in shootings taking up roles in the direction, production, camera, photography, electrician and decoration teams among others.

12. COLABORATION AGREEMENTS WITH FILMING COMPANIES: Film labs, camera and lighting material rental companies, production companies, editing and sound studios, art direction companies, special effects companies and others.

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