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Master in film direction

- 16 teaching hours per week in the afternoon.
- Practice shooting outside school hours.
- ALL STUDENTS shoot a graduation SHORTFILM in Red One
- Development of a feature script
- Demo-Reel with the realized work.

Our Master in Film Direction is the only one in Spain in which every student shoots his GRADUATION SHORTFILM IN RED ONE, a professional movie format, and during the course on the development of a FEATURE FILM SCRIPT. Because your next destination is the audiovisual industry.


If your goals are firm you’ll be faced to a very intense year; the Master in Film Direction is an exigent proposal that requires from the student a dedication of many hours to reflection, analysis and viewing of films, script writing, casting sessions, shooting script, production design, directing actors ...

And because the work of a director has its application in the shooting, practices during the course will offer a professional setting where develop your talent, consolidating the work with different teams and work with the latest technologies.

The preparation, the shooting and the post-production of your SHORTFILM will make you to collaborate with experts and professionals from other specialties: Actors, Photography, Camera, Production, Art Direction, Live Sound, Feature, Digital Effects, Colorists, Mixers ...

Every stage will be supervised by our teachers and technicians: idea, script development, technical writing of the script, story board, breakdown, production design, production schedule, camera tests, shooting, editing, dubbing, sound mixing, subtitling and professional completion in DCP format for the theatrical projection.

Your future starts when others people can see your work; promoting your short film in nationals and internationals festivals you may have new opportunities.


Subject_Matters of the Master in Film Direction
·     Frame.
·     Light.
·     Color.
Camera Movements.
·     Props.
·     Space.
·     Sound.
·     Dialogue.
·     Music.
·     Edition.
·     Film Analysis of over 30 films.
Film Screenplay (Short Film, Feature Film and Documentary).
·     Brief History of Film.
·     The Documentary.
·     The universe of the Directing Actors.
·     The Director’s job.
·     The jobs in the Direction team (Assistant and Script).
·     Applied Film Production.
·     Promotion and Distribution in Festivals.
·     Professional Strategies.
·     Tutoring script, production, directing actors.
·     Preparation, monitoring and shooting of fiction and documentary projects.
·     Preparation of a feature script.
·     Participation in professional shootings.
·     Material for filming outside the training plan: free projects.

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October 2018 to september 2019
Course Starts
October 2018
16 teaching hours in the afternoon shift with student availability between 4:30 p.m and 9:00 p.m from Monday to Friday
Single payment: 9.950 €
Payment by instalments: Total € 11.250
With an registration fee of 1900 € and eleven monthly payment of 850 €
(from November 2018 to September 2019, both included)

If you want to personalize your payment method or extend the terms, contact us.

Degree in audiovisual arts or previous curriculum. Entrance test.

Places will be adjudicated in strict registration order once payment has been confirmed
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